Driving Directions TO ROSARITO

Rosarito does not have a commerical airport, so if you are like most guests, you will be driving to Rosarito, Mexico. This will involve driving across the U.S.-Mexico border.  Popular border crossing include those of San Ysidro and Tecate. The choice of border crossing will depend on where you are coming from and perhaps researching border crossing wait times. 

Border Crossing at San Ysidro:

The San Ysidro border crossing is accessed from San Diego, CA. Head South on Inter state highway 5 or 805 through San Diego and it will take you to the San Ysidro border crossong into Mexico. As leave the U.S and enter Mexico, you will encounter border control lanes with red and green lights. Check for the green light lanes and do through this.  Your car is scanned and should Mexican customs have any questions, they may pull you over for additional inspecition.

Once you are through the customs, you will have two options of getting to Rosarito.  Option 1 is to with the toll road.  Option 2 is the non toll road.  There ae signs for both.

Option 1: Toll road

As you leave Tijuana and follow the toll road signs to Rosarito, you will soon find youself driving along the coast.  To use this toll roads costs a few dollars / pesos. Both currencies are accepted.  Toll fares may not be paid by credit/debit card.
Toll road map from San Diego to Rosarito via Tijuana

Option 2: Toll-free road

If you are against paying toll fees, there is the toll-free you can take to get to Rosarito from San Diego.  See map below for more inforation.  However, note that the non-toll road can take up to 90 minutes while the toll road takes about 30 minutes.  This means the toll road fee savings will be more than paid for in gasoline expense.  However, you will get to see more of Mexico.
Toll Free Road from San Diego to Rosarito via San Ysidro border crossing


Tecate Crossing:

 The Tecate border border crossing is popular with visitors coming from Eastern part of the U.S.  If you are heading to Rosarito from places like El Centro, Calexico, Yuma, etc., Tecat border crossing is a good choice.  


Those who live farther away may want to fly.

  1. Fly into San Diego and drive rental car. Drive time is approximately 1.5 hours.
  2. Fly into Yuma, AZ and drive rental car. Drive time is approximately 4 hours.
  3. Fly into Los Angeles and then fly into El Centro, CA and drive rental car. Drive time is approximately 3 hours.

NOTE: When renting a car you must tell them you are driving into Mexico. Some agencies will not allow rentals into Mexico. In San Diego Red & Blue is the most economical and allows their vehicles into Mexico with the appropriate insurance. In Yuma and El Centro, Avis rents cars that can go into Mexico. (El Centro Avis counter closes at 5:00 on weekdays, Noon on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays.)


Items needed:


Mexican auto insurance - available online